Walmart will be changing the price tags for every single item in every store

Walmart is about to look very different in virtually every aisle of every store.

How many products are in a Walmart store?

Walmart claims to have more than 120,000 products on the shelves in each of their more than 2,300 stores in the US. No wonder it’s so hard to find some items when you just want to make a “quick trip to pick up a few things.”

Walmart employees are about to tackle a monumental project that will see them change the price tag on every one of those 120,000 items.

Walmart employees change prices

Walmart press photo

The store’s headquarters says it will take until 2026 for the change to reach every Walmart location.

Walmart unveils new prices

The amount Walmart charges for items won’t necessarily change, but your shopping experience and the way you look at price tags will be very different.

Walmart has announced that it will be rolling out digital shelf labels. The label allows employees to update prices without changing the tags by hand.

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The retail giant has already tested the digital shelf labels at a Walmart in Grapevine, Texas, and will soon expand the project to additional stores.

Digital shelf labels at Walmart

Walmart press photo

While there are certainly benefits for employees who no longer have to spend hours changing prices, there will also be gains for customers once the new system is in place.

Walmart believes the new digital shelf labels will help its associates fill online orders faster while improving order accuracy.

Walmart employee fulfilling the order

Walmart press photo

The digital shelf labels are the latest innovation for Walmart in recent months. The store also began giving some locations a facelift to create what it says is the “Walmart of the future.”

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what the redesigned Walmarts will look like once the changes are complete.

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