Main Street Brownsville unveils new bike racks as part of a collaborative initiative

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. – If you’re ready to bike through West Tennessee, Brownsville might be the place to be.

Main Street Brownsville and Blue-Oval Ford are teaming up to unveil new bike racks that support Bike Tennessee’s efforts to create an even safer way to travel as a collaborative initiative to promote health and wellness.

“Today they built bike racks knowing that our Bike TN visitors will take advantage of them and that Brownsville residents can safely park their bikes and enjoy all this great downtown experience,” said Commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Tourism Development, Mark Ezell.

Cyclists can take a ride on the new Tennessee bike trail, as it debuts today, and use the ride-with-GPS program to pinpoint their whereabouts based on their points of interest.

“Two weeks ago we just introduced TN, which will be 52 trails, biking trails that span the entire state and cover 1,000 miles, where visitors can come get their bikes and ride through the amazing beauty of Tennessee,” said Donkey.

We are one of only two states to introduce this bicycle program.

“This allows people to get on those routes and come downtown. Makes sure their bike is secured and they can show and eat, and that actually helps the whole community,” said Marianne Dunavant, community relations specialist for Blue Oval.

The program aims to increase visitor numbers and economic impact across Tennessee, taking advantage of the growing community.

When you use the Ride Tennessee app, the West Tennessee Classic Loop route offers an authentic biking experience over 37 miles of rural roads and rich farmlands in Haywood County.

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