Bill Hagerty was last launched in Trump’s veepstakes, underscoring the fluidity

(WASHINGTON) – Republican Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee is the latest person named in Donald Trump’s inner circle as the former president and presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee decides who to choose as his running mate.

Three sources familiar with the matter confirmed to ABC News that Hagerty is one of several names recently brought up in Trumpworld, including by the former president, during discussions about the veepstakes. A fourth source familiar with the matter told ABC News that Hagerty’s team is promoting the senator as a possible addition to the 2024 Republican ticket as an alternative to the other candidates in the mix.

Hagerty was one of several Trump surrogates who attended the former president’s fundraiser in San Francisco on Thursday evening. Two sources also confirmed that Hagerty attended a fundraiser for Trump in Alabama on Wednesday evening, hosted by Donald Trump Jr., the former president’s eldest son.

The fourth source said they believe Hagerty would take the job if offered, but that the senator has not received or requested any vetting materials.

That would put Hagerty behind other vice presidential hopefuls. ABC News reported Wednesday that Trump’s campaign has formally requested information from a small handful of potential running mates, including North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and Sens. Marco Rubio and J.D. Vance.

Trump campaign officials also requested information from Sens. Tim Scott, Reps. Byron Donalds and Elise Stefanik and Ben Carson, although it is unclear how extensive the requests were.

Trump also did not mention Hagerty during an interview on Newsmax on Tuesday in which he complimented Burgum, Rubio, Scott and Vance.

Perhaps more than anything, the mentions of Hagerty’s name underscore the fluidity of Trump’s veepstakes, even as his campaign presses forward to extract information from other potential picks.

“Anyone who claims to know who or when President Trump will choose his vice president is lying, unless the person’s name is Donald J. Trump,” said Brian Hughes, a senior adviser for the Trump campaign.

Trump has said he plans to announce his choice closer to the Republican National Convention, which takes place in mid-July.

Asked about his potential running mate by Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Trump reiterated that he will announce his choice “during the convention.”

“In all honesty, we have some people who have done a fantastic job of communicating the ills and the assets and the pros and cons of what we’re doing as a country and where we are as a country,” Trump told Hannity. clips that aired Thursday evening.

Like other potential Trump running mates, Hagerty has a presence on cable news and has appeared on channels like Fox News to defend the former president and lambast the Democrats’ record.

“It’s clear that Donald Trump’s policies have led to a much more robust American economy, and the American worker has been much better off,” Hagerty claimed during an appearance on Fox Business earlier this month.

Other candidates have also appeared at fundraisers for the former president, including some they organized themselves.

Hagerty also has a connection to Trump, having served in his administration as ambassador to Japan.

Hagerty is a white man from a reliably red state, so it’s not clear exactly which constituency he would bring to Trump. Hagerty, he did not appear in New York to join Trump in court during his criminal trial, a high-profile destination for Trump’s allies and potential running mates ahead of his sentencing.

Several potential running mates, including Burgum, Donalds and Vance, traveled to the Manhattan courtroom where Trump was tried and ultimately convicted of crimes involving hush money payments to cover up an alleged affair during the 2016 race, payments that the prosecutors amounted to campaign finance violations.

Several other allies, including Chairman Mike Johnson, rallied outside the court, shaping the building as a high-profile stage for Republicans to underscore their support and bash witnesses and local prosecutors, some of whom Trump was barred from pursuing under a gag order.

“The President is expected to sit here for six weeks listening to the Michael Cohens of the world,” Vance wrote on X on the day he attended the trial. “I am now convinced that the main purpose of this trial is psychological torture. But Trump is in good spirits.”

“The American people have already acquitted Donald Trump,” Burgum added during his own trip to New York. “The sooner this scam can be completed, the sooner the president can get back out there and campaigning and talking to the American people about the issues that matter.”

However, Hagerty is still a vocal defender from afar, saying on Fox Business earlier this month that the trial was a “mockery of the American justice system.”

Soorin Kim, Lalee Ibssa and Kelsey Walsh of ABC News contributed to this report.

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