A Lakers insider reveals that Dan Hurley could receive a “margin” of $100 million

Los Angeles Lakers insider Anthony Irwin of Lakers Daily reported Friday that the Lakers are prepared to offer Dan Hurley a deal worth up to $100 million over eight years to leave the University of Connecticut and become the 29th head coach of the to become a franchise.

The alleged deal would make Hurley the fifth highest-paid NBA head coach per season at approximately $12.5 million and would be the second-largest total commitment to a head coach in NBA history, behind the Miami Heat’s eight-year pact of $120 million with Erik Spoelstra. .

Hurley has had tremendous success in college, leading UConn to back-to-back national championships in 2023 and 2024. He is the second coach of the 21st century to lead an NCAA-I program to back-to-back national titles, following Billy. Donovan in 2006 and 2007 at the University of Florida and seventh all-time.

Before joining UConn, he landed his first major collegiate job in 2012-13, when he took over the 7-24 University of Rhode Island. Over the course of six seasons, he rebuilt the program and left them with a 26-8 record. However, Hurley has no NBA experience as a coach or player.

Should he land a nearly eight-year, $100 million contract, it will be the richest deal for a first-time NBA head coach by a significant margin.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPNWHO first broke the news of the Lakers’ interest in HurleyThe two sides will meet in Los Angeles on Friday, June 7, to discuss the parameters of a deal. Hurley reportedly informed UConn’s administration of his interest in the job on Wednesday and informed his players the next day. According to sources, the Lakers are highly motivated to make a deal, with both vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka and Governor Jeanie Buss expected to be at the meeting.

The timeline of the Lakers’ pursuit of Hurley remains murky. The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported just days ago that ESPN NBA color commentator and podcast host JJ Redick was the frontrunner for the job, with sources say the Lakers were “in love” with Redick. However, despite Redick’s 15-season NBA career, he never coached above the youth ranks. The Hurley news broke shortly after Redick was named the presumed future Lakers coach, with Wojnarowski reporting that Hurley had been at the forefront of the Lakers coaching search from the beginning.

The Los Angeles Lakers have had seven head coaches since Phil Jackson retired after the 2010-11 season, with no coach lasting more than three seasons. The franchise’s decision to target one of the most respected collegiate coaches and offer him an eight-year contract suggests a new mindset that promotes long-term stability on the sidelines.

Despite how much success Hurley has had in building collegiate programs, he is completely unproven in the NBA. The Lakers are reportedly attracted to his tactical acumen and ability to develop talent. However, the team he would inherit is still built around LeBron James, 39, and Anthony Davis, 31, two fully developed stars still hungry for another championship run.

Dan Hurley is undoubtedly a fantastic college coach and many of his strengths should translate to the NBA. That said, it would be a huge gamble to hand the second-largest contract ever to a coach with no NBA track record. It could pay off, but if it doesn’t, it will cost not only the Lakers money, but probably the rest of LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ firsts as well.

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