Baby Gronk converts pledge to Ole Miss after commitments from Texas A&M, Louisville, Kentucky

Baby Gronk’s list of schools he is “committed” to playing for further expanded on Sunday when the viral youth football player made his commitment to Ole Miss.

His commitment to Lane Kiffin and the Rebels came within hours of making his commitment to play for Texas A&M. It’s also the third school he committed to in one day, when he announced he would play for Louisville on Saturday.

Now that he has added another school to his list, Baby Gronk has committed to Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Minnesota, Pitt, South Carolina, Texas, USC, Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee in the month of June alone.

Baby Gronk announced his top 30 schools in early May and has since committed to many of them. Given how quickly he’s turning around his commitments, it appears he wants to complete the entire list by the end of the summer.

Baby Gronk’s numerous commitments mean little as he has yet to receive any offers, according to On3’s recruiting database. His father, Jake San Miguel, did say that Baby Gronk has received “a verbal offer” from Arizona, according to Ari Wasserman of The Athletic, although he won’t be able to accept that offer until he’s in seventh grade.

Madden San Miguel, aka Baby Gronk, has gained a large social media following in recent years, but his rise to fame has raised some questions about whether things have gotten out of hand.

Last summer, Rob Gronkowski, Baby Gronk’s namesake, said the bit has gone “too far” and “it’s uncomfortable.” Nevertheless, San Miguel’s father has continued to chase viral fame, and sending his son to a new school almost every day was part of his attempt to make headlines.

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