Tennessee Titans GM Ran Carthon Photobombs reporter

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Titans general manager Ran Carthon, known for his ability to form bonds with almost anyone, decided to have some fun by photobombing a local TV reporter after Wednesday’s OTA session at the team facility.

Jill Jelnick, a reporter for FOX Nashville, covered the Titans’ free-agent moves in front of the team building. Little did she know, Carthon was standing in front of the camera, waving and smiling, catching her completely off guard as she broke down the information for her audience. Sensing something was wrong, Jelnick stopped, counted to reset the shot and turned to see Carthon walking away, abandoning her.

It was a funny moment for Jelnick, who thought it was funny once she realized what was going on. The two then shared a genuine laugh, a moment of camaraderie that transcended their professional roles. Carthon, still chuckling, thanked her for being a good sport.

It was a beautiful moment between the two, a testament to the more relaxed atmosphere within the Titans organization. As a fellow X user noted, Jelnick also has experience with a sports figure playfully interrupting her shot.

The Titans hired Brian Callahan as the new coach to replace Mike Vrabel after consecutive losing seasons.

Carthon, in his second year as general manager, is revamping the roster as the team moves toward a more modern offense led by second-year quarterback Will Levis.

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