Washington teen reunited with stolen therapy dog

Little Maltese Bichon Frize lying on his carpet, sleepy.

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On May 30, a therapy dog ​​was stolen after escaping from her backyard by digging a hole under the fence. The Bichon Frize mix belonged to a Washington, DC teen with autism. The teenage girl was devastated when she lost her beloved pup, but thankfully the duo has been reunited. The dog was safely returned to the girl by police.

Therapy dog ​​stolen in Washington is reunited with its owner a few days later

On Thursday, 19-year-old Maddie’s therapy dog ​​went missing from the family’s backyard. Bichon Frize mix Bella dug a hole under the fence to crawl out and ran into the street, according to Fox News. After this, a car drove up and a young woman picked up the puppy and drove away. Moreover, the entire incident was captured by the surveillance camera.

Maddie was heartbroken after losing her beloved pet. Bella is a small and friendly therapy dog, only two years old. She lives with her family in the Asheford Court neighborhood of Washington. The stolen therapy dog ​​provided the teenage girl with comfort and had a loving personality. She is friendly and made for a great companion for the teenager. Plus, Maddie kept Bella’s food and water ready so everything was ready when her furry friend returned.

According to an update from Fox 5, the dog was returned to its rightful owner after they saw the media report. They first contacted the police, who then returned Bella to Maddie on Sunday, June 2. The teen was overjoyed to have her beloved therapy dog ​​back and noted that she was surprised that the individual took the time to visit her and explain the entire situation. Maddie said: “I was so surprised that she came to my house and told me everything…”

One of the best ways to prevent your beloved dog from escaping is to not leave him unattended for long periods of time. Finding a trusted dog sitter would also work if you have things to take care of and can’t take your pup with you.

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