Modi on his way to a historic election victory and a third term

If instead Prediction If it turns out to be incorrect, it won’t be new.

It is not unusual for them to do this director They are wrong because, as analysts explain, it is extremely difficult to obtain credible results in such a large and complex countryIndia.

The last election day in India, in six weeks

Pre-election polls had always shown the BJP largely victorious, but the six weeks of voting raised more than one doubt about the party’s stability. The majority of leading many analysts to expect a win, but with a smaller margin than in 2019.

By conducting an average of six polls tonight, June 1, the NDA was able to deliver results Between 355 and 380 seatsup from 353 seats won in the 2019 elections, when only the BJP fielded a seat New Delhi 303 parliamentarians. Once again, the exit polls show that the opposition alliance is led by the Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi The party is expected to win between 125 and 165 seats.

The opposition explained that it did not believe the opinion polls. It is not without reason that most opposition parties accuse Indian television channels that conduct these types of polls of doing so Modi supporterEmphasizes that they are not manufactured in India to sufficient scientific standards.

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