“Come to the Lord”: Elder Gerrit W. Gong dedicates the Taylorsville Utah Temple

TAYLORSVILLE — Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake County gathered Sunday to watch Elder Gerrit W. Gong of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles dedicate the church’s new Taylorsville Utah Temple.

Elder Gong invited church members to “come unto the Lord in the house of the Lord.”

The Taylorsville Utah Temple is the Church’s 192nd temple to be dedicated. The three-story temple sits on 1.75 acres at 2603 W. 4700 South. It is one of thirty temples in Utah.

At the dedication, Elder Gong encouraged members to attend the temple regularly. He spoke of an “interesting paradox”: When members live far away from a temple, they tend to set aside time and carefully plan and prepare their visit to the temple. On the contrary, when there is a temple nearby, it is often easy to think, “I can go next week, I will go next month, and I will end up going less often, even though the temple is now closer and easier to visit.” ” he said.

With recent changes in recent years within Church youth programs and age development, youth can receive a temple recommend in January of the year they turn 12. Elder Gong invited all who are worthy and able to go to the temple, especially the youth, so that they can “have the opportunity to grow up in the house of the Lord.”

He also spoke of the deep roots his family, along with others, have in the church’s presence in Taylorsville. Elder Gong first visited Taylorsville 45 years ago to meet his fiancée’s family, the parents of his current wife Susan, the late Elder Richard P. Lindsay and Sister Marian Bangerter Lindsay, one of many multi-generational families living in the area lived.

“The Taylorsville Utah Temple has special meaning for our Lindsay family,” said Elder Gong. “When he was a young bishop, our father worked with members of the Taylorsville Second Ward to build the chapel on the same site that became the stake center and where the Taylorsville Utah Temple now stands.”

“This place is a home, a place with roots and wings, for many faithful and wonderful families and individuals,” Elder Gong concluded.

The temple was dedicated in two sessions on Sunday and broadcast through the 38-stake temple district in the central Salt Lake Valley. According to Church News, the temple district includes 257 wards and branches, more than 100,000 Church members, nearly 7,300 youth, more than 39,200 single adults and more than 56,000 families.

More than 265,000 people visited the temple during the seven-week open day, with approximately 11,000 volunteers assisting.

Elder Gong was accompanied by his wife Susan at the dedication Sunday. Other General Authorities were also present, including Elder Hugo E. Martinez, Seventy and First Counselor in the Utah Area Presidency, his wife Nuria, Elder Erich W. Kopischke, Seventy and assistant director of the Temple. Department and his wife Christiane.

The Layton Utah Temple is the next temple to be dedicated in Utah on June 16.

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