Rowing: UVA finishes 13th at NCAA Championships: Jerry Ratcliffe

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Photo: UVA Athletics

Virginia finished 13th at the NCAA Rowing Championship Sunday at East Fork/Harsha Lake in Bethel, Ohio. UVA’s Second Varsity Eight finished ninth and the Varsity Eight and Varsity Four each rowed to 13th.

Texas won the Varsity Eight and Varsity Four grand finals and captured the NCAA team title with 130 points. Stanford (127) came in second, followed by Tennessee (118), Princeton (112) and Washington (106). Brown (99), Michigan (90), Yale (88), Cal (84) and Penn (77) rounded out the top 10.

“The team really performed today and every boat rowed really brave races,” said Virginia head coach Kevin Sauer. “The four stayed patient and then crushed the third 500 to consolidate their victory. The 2V8 rowed with a lot of heart and was able to beat two teams (Cal and Ohio State) that had defeated them earlier in the season. The V8 battled Rutgers and Indiana for 2,000 meters and had an incredible sprint for the win. The team and every boat all beat their seeds at the NCAAs.”

UVA’s Second Varsity Eight placed third in the B final with a time of 6:34.089. Michigan won the race with a time of 6:31.327. Brown finished second with 6:33.107, followed by Virginia, Penn (6:35.449), Ohio State (6:36.569) and Cal (6:36.601).

UVA’s Varsity Eight topped the list Indiana 6:27.421-6:28.693 to win the C final. Rutgers (6:31.225) finished third, followed by Duke (6:34.051), Gonzaga (6:36.761) and Northeastern (6:38.497).

The Cavaliers’ Varsity Four defeated ACC champion Duke for the second straight day7:14.352-7:17.370 to win the C final. Ohio State (7:22.771) finished third, followed by Gonzaga (7:26.368), Indiana (7:27.312) and Boston University (7:34.600).

“Obviously we wish things had gone differently in the heats, but we are so proud of the way the teams advanced through the semifinals and competed in their respective finals today,” said UVA head coach Kelsie Chaudoin. “We couldn’t have asked for them to come back more effectively and appear at the NCAAs on Sunday. It was a team effort and they raced for each other and for everyone back home in Charlottesville.

The NCAA regatta marked the end of Sauer’s storied 29-year career at Virginia. Sauer led the Cavaliers to a pair of NCAA championships (2010 and 2012) and 22 ACC titles.

“During my last NCAAs, I have been truly humbled by the commitment and camaraderie our team has shown.” Sauer said.

“I think I speak for the entire team and all Virginia alumni that we are forever grateful to have been coached by Kevin and learned from him during his time as head coach at UVA,” Chaudoin added. “What a legacy he has built, and we are all so proud to be a part of it.”


2. Stanford-127
3. Tennessee – 118
4. Princeton – 112
5. Washington – 106
6. Brown – 99
7. Michigan – 90
8. Yale 88
9. Kal – 84
11. Syracuse – 76
12. Ohio State – 68
13.Virginia – 68
14. Rutgers-55
15. Indiana – 47
16. Duke – 46
17. Gonzaga – 37
18. Northeast – 26
19. Boston University – 24
20. Rhode Island – 17
21. SMU – 13
22.Jacksonville – 10


Varsity Four C final

  1. Virginia, 7:14.352, 2. Duke, 7:17.370, 3. Ohio State, 7:22.771, 4. Gonzaga, 7:26.368, 5. Indiana, 7:27.312, 6. Boston University, 7:34.600

Varsity Eight C Final

  1. Virginia, 6:27.421, 2. Indiana, 6:28.693, 3. Rutgers, 6:31.225, 4. Duke, 6:34.051, 5. Gonzaga, 6:36.761, 6. Northeast, 6:38.497

Second Varsity Eight B final

  1. Michigan, 6:31.327, 2. Brown, 6:33.107, 3. Virginia, 6:34.089, 4. Penn, 6:35.449, 5. Ohio State, 6:36.569, 6. Cal, 6:36.601


Varsity Eight: Mate: Nora Grabcheski, Stroke: Lauren Jochims, 7: Catherine Williams, 6: Jenna Hajji, 5: Skylar Morrison, 4: Kate Kelly, 3: Eva Frohnhofer, 2: Kelsey Gems, Bow: Meagan Goldsmith

Second Varsity Eight: Mate: Zoe Tekeian, Stroke: Sophia Coppola, 7: Cameron Bentley, 6: Lauren Benedict, 5: Paige Loh, 4: Izzie Bird, 3: Sheila Joyce, 2: Lila Henn, Bow: Kate McGee

Varsity Four: Mate: Emma Bradish, Stroke: Teagan Orth, 3: Lily Jarrett, 2: Sydney Fratamico; Bow: Kennedy Housley

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