Watch: Unusual ‘hole punch cloud’ spotted over Vermont and New York

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June 3 (UPI) — The National Weather Service said an unusual “hole cloud” seen over Vermont and New York’s Champlain Valley was likely the result of a passing airplane.

The NWS office in Burlington, Virginia, said a cloud spotted in Sunday morning’s sky carries a so-called “fallstreak hole,” also known as a “hole punch cloud.”

Photos show the cloud with a large blue spot through its center.

“This type of cloud usually forms when the water temperature of the cloud is below freezing, but the water is not frozen,” the NWS tweeted.

The NWS said this particular fall streak gap was likely caused by an airplane.

“When an airplane flies through the cloud, the air around its wings and body expands and cools, causing the water droplets to turn into small ice crystals, which are heavier than droplets and begin to fall out of the cloud, leaving a hole.” ,” officials wrote.

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