Readers criticize the response of Tennessee politicians


Editor’s note: These letters reflect the opinions of readers in Middle Tennessee. They are critical of former President Donald Trump and Republican politicians from Tennessee for their response to the verdict in the hush money case in which Trump was found guilty of 34 charges. But we also want to hear from people whose opinions differ. Email a letter of 250 words or less to [email protected]. Please include your full name, city/town, zip code and contact details for verification.

MAGA’s stance after Trump’s verdict confuses this reader

MAGA’s response to Trump’s multiple felony convictions has left me deeply confused. I’m not sure which of the following theories MAGA espouses:

  1. MAGA claims that Joe Biden tricked, persuaded or convinced Trump into having a sexual encounter with a porn star, persuaded him to pay her $130,000 to keep quiet about it, convinced Trump’s ‘fixer’ to have a ​mortgage his house so that the payment can be made? to keep it hidden from the public until after the election and propose to Trump a plan to disguise the reimbursement as legal fees for his business ventures?
  2. MAGA claims that having an adulterous affair with a porn star at a golf tournament while your wife and newborn son stay home, paying the porn star “hush money” through an independent lawyer and reimbursing the lawyer for unperformed “legal work” Is hiding the payment from election officials and voters all acceptable behavior?
  3. Is MAGA simply saying that responsibility for immoral and illegal behavior should never be allowed by any Democrat?

I’m totally confused.

Chris Simpson, Franklin 37064

Would Trump supporters have celebrated an innocent verdict?

So since the jury in the Trump trial voted guilty, the judge and the legal system have been politically biased and corrupt. What if they had found him innocent?

Would the judge and the system still be corrupt? Shame on Lee, Blackburn, Hagerty and other Republicans who continue the rhetoric to keep the voting public ignorant of the truth and divided.

If we follow the logic of the “it’s politically motivated” crowd, all judges are biased and judge not based on the law, but on liberal or conservative labels. Juries are corrupt. Witnesses are money hungry and lie. Judges corrupt their juries.

If you can believe all that, it shouldn’t be a big leap to believe that Donald Trump is indeed guilty as he is accused.

L. Barrett, Portland 37148

I once voted Republican, but I can’t worship Trump

Donald Trump was convicted of 34 crimes by a jury of his colleagues. But according to Trump and the Republican Party, the reason he was convicted was a corrupt judge, a vindictive prosecutor, a lying witness in Michael Cohen, an uninformed or rigged jury, the Democrats, Joe Biden, New York City, etc.

Donald, look in the mirror. You were the one who committed these crimes and why you were charged and convicted. You are responsible for all these crimes.

I grew up in a very Republican family. In high school I debated for Barry Goldwater. I even voted for Richard Nixon. Howard Baker was one of our best and most bipartisan senators. Bill Haslam, a Republican governor of Tennessee, tried to do the right thing (expand Medicaid) but was denied by his own party. But the GOP is not the same political party of old.

I will never vote Republican because I have changed for the better. However, I wish they would go back to their conservative values ​​so we could have a two-party system again. Instead, we have one party that worships Trump as if he were the Messiah. I do not understand. Trump’s only concern is about himself, and that is obvious.

Tom Zazzi, Franklin 37064

You don’t have to vote for Biden, but should you support Trump?

Republicans I understand you want to stick with your party, but you need to see what happened to the Republican party. It is not what it was when I was young, because I am now 80 years old and have seen the many changes on the political scene.

You have a party leader who has not even tried to conform to the party and its leadership or its agenda. You are in a dilemma about what to do in the fall elections. Think about what that man has done to the US and what he has said he plans to do if re-elected.

I know you feel like you want to vote with your party, but you have doubts about what our country will ultimately look like with poor leadership. So I suggest registering a candidate instead or just staying away from the polls.

Think of the country, not the person and what will become of us. I ask this as an octogenarian veteran of the United States Army with experience in our great nation’s elections.

Richard Smith, Spring Hill 37174

The Tennessee GOP should apologize for challenging the rule of law

The elected Republicans in Tennessee have clearly told all their fellow Tennesseans who they are, and they do not believe in our rule of law.

As soon as Trump’s guilty verdict on 34 crimes was announced, Governor Bill Lee, Senator Marsha Blackburn, Senator Bill Hagerty, the vast majority of the supermajority of the Tennessee state legislature, and the vast majority of Tennessee’s congressional delegation publicly issued scathing attacks on our legal system and the rule of law, using terms such as witch hunt, sham, politicized legal system and kangaroo court.

These are federal laws that you and I must live by every day and laws that they are all sworn to uphold. After hearing weeks of evidence and testimony, twelve average Americans, selected as jurors by Donald Trump’s lawyers and attorneys representing the citizens of New York, returned a guilty verdict on all 34 crimes against Donald Trump. Yet these elected Tennessee Republicans clearly tell us that they do not believe in the verdict, and in the same legal system that every other citizen must live by. They should be ashamed.

All of these elected officials attacking our justice system owe an apology to the citizens of our state and our nation. As Americans, we are all a lot less safe because of their reckless statements attacking the rule of law.

Ken Maynard, Franklin37064

Are the Republicans bringing us their best people?

The Republican Party is about to give us the opportunity to elect a convicted felon who cheated on his wife with a porn actress. When it comes to candidates for president of the United States, is this the best they can do?

Seriously, Senators Blackburn and Hagerty, Congressmen Burchett, DesJarlais, Fleischman, Green, Harshbarger, Kustoff, Ogles and Rose.

Is this the best you can do?

John Borrowman, Gallatin 37066

What about Supreme Court justices in hot water?

Has everyone ever noticed that whatever political party is in power and whatever they do makes the other party angry?

But if you look back when the other party was in power, the same things were tried and that made the opposing party angry.

A good example: last Sunday, Republican guests on three political news programs complained that the judge in the hush money trial against Trump should have convicted himself because he had donated a few dollars to the Biden campaign and his daughter was involved in the Democratic Party.

These three Republican politicians seem to have forgotten that the wives of two Supreme Court justices (or so they claim) were involved in shady acts while these lawyers were involved in cases. In case you forget, there was one problem with hanging flags upside down and another problem with the flag. The other involved a wife of Judge Thomas who was involved in the January 6, 2021 insurrection.

Richard Barlow, Nashville 37217

Should we be surprised by the reaction to the verdict?

The reaction of Tennessee lawmakers to the Trump trial verdict would be funny if it weren’t so sad. It is clear that the rule of law means no more to them than it does to Trump.

It is perfectly permissible for Supreme Court justices to accept expensive gifts and have their Republican wives act in accordance with their party politics, as the justices refuse to recuse themselves from certain cases.

It’s apparently fine for Judge Aileen Cannon to indefinitely suspend the trial of Trump’s classified documents, and Trump continues to skirt every law he doesn’t like because we barely hear a word from his minions.

However, when Trump is convicted by a 12-member jury of ordinary citizens, and the same Tennessee politicians decry the verdict, I guess this isn’t really sad after all: it’s typical and disgusting.

Robert Stackhouse, Nashville 37214

Our top politicians should avoid being legal commentators

To Governor Lee, Senators Hagerty and Blackburn: This is what happens to people who think they are above the law. All this whining about Trump’s conviction is ridiculous and sickening coming from all of you. In case you’ve all forgotten, there are other Tennesseans who disagree with all Republicans’ stomach ache over Trump’s conviction. He was found guilty and it has nothing to do with his run for president that the trial took place.

Governor Bill Lee cannot run for governor again so he has really shown his true colors this time and they are shameful. A senator is running for re-election again. Maybe she wants to mind her p’s and q’s. Many voters are still not happy with these politicians. Politicians in Tennessee should be concerned about the state of Tennessee and not comment on the process.

Ruth Kindrat, White House 37188

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