Texas thief caught in series of gym robberies on planet

File this under a new reason not to go to the gym!

The woman, Ruth Angelica Barraza, was dubbed the “Planet Fitness Thief” and authorities believe she is connected to ten different thefts at five different Planet Fitness locations!

Barraza was caught after a gym-goer at Planet Fitness in Horizon City, Texas returned to her locker and discovered the contents in her bag, including credit cards, had been stolen and alerted authorities.

And what exactly were these stolen credit cards used for? Enjoy shopping at Ross. The terrible crime was followed by public shaming, and rightly so, by users online! Many called it ‘fake activity’ – and many shamed her for using the stolen credit cards on Ross! One user wrote:

visited all the places for shopping, girl went to ROSS. homegirl didn’t go out to the electrical outlets or the fountains. she said let me go to Ross where the clothes are always thrown on the floor and my show size is never an option on the rack. economical klepto.

And probably my favorite comment of all:

“I thought this was a judgment-free zone!” – her in the back of a police car.

The jokes came in, but some had more questions, like how did she get the lock open? And what will the gym do now to further protect the personal belongings of their customers? While we wait for the answers, you can see more jokes here.

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