See what parenting and education can and ought to look like: Podcast ep. 66 now released

Lisa VanDamme, educator and parent (which you’ll see are both understatements), has answers regarding education and parenting that stem from an approach which I might describe as rationally passionate or passionately rational—I can’t decide which is more appropriate. In any case, you’ll hear the clear thinking down to the root of each issue that ought to concern any parent or person concerned with the future generation and the society they will help build and in which we all must live. You’ll also see the passionate love for her children and students shine through in our interview.

I’m sure that after hearing Lisa’s unique approach to the subject dearest to any parent, you will be wondering where you can find a teacher like her or a school like hers, or how you might also apply some of her insights toward being the best parent you can be for your child—and more, how you can appreciate and enjoy the journey of parenting even more deeply than you might.

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Only you can know whether you’re being honest with yourself: Podcast ep. 62 now released

Matthew sets some context after he was apparently “busted” breaking his own rules, the same rules he claimed on his show were so helpful in leading him to get more done and enjoy his free time even more. Who is he to be sharing advice with people if he doesn’t actually practice what he preaches?

Fair question. On today’s episode, he responds.

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We’re all “out on the circuit over the hallowed ground”: Podcast ep. 61 now released

Matthew elaborates on the lyrics of My Morning Jacket’s 2011 “Circuital,” and the themes and lessons within. He also comments on the music itself, as it is an exhilarating and joyous song.

What are you going to do with your glorious and limited time “out on the circuit”?

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Why do some thrive while others are crushed by hardship? (Listener question on Podcast ep. 55)

Why do some people thrive in the face of hardship while others are crushed? To this challenging listener question, Matthew answers essentially that it’s about building resilience through the method of optimism versus the default of passive pessimistic resignation. On a deeper level, it’s about free will (optimistic) versus determinism (pessimistic).

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Know thyself: 50th episode of Mr. Bright Side now released

No, it’s nothing to do with The Killers.

In this early milestone 50th episode, Matthew reflects a bit by sharing a brief history as to why he proceeded to call the show “Mr. Bright Side,” knowing full well that it would always be confused with the 2004 mega-hit Killers song. He also shares a few personal stories over the years which have reflected back to him his natural tendency to optimism and enthusiasm, long before he ever developed his mature and formal philosophy. Listeners can take a lesson in self-awareness from these reminiscences.

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What does good charity look like?: Podcast ep. 47 now released

How does charity fit into a life dedicated to gaining—not surrendering—values? If healthy human relationships are about win-wins, and charity is about gaining nothing for oneself, then is it good? And why do many of us feel so unfulfilled after engaging in sacrificial charity, if it’s the right thing to do?

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Christmas is a universal, inclusive holiday: Podcast ep. 46 now released

There is a war on against Christmas. And it’s coming from all directions. From one point, it is attacked for being too “commercial” and “material.” From another, and right in step with the general cancel culture that’s pervaded our society, Christmas is maligned for being “exclusive,” as it is taken as the purview of a single religion (and a majority one in the West, which is an even graver sin today): Christianity.

But what if we separated the holiday from religion?

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Say ‘thanks’ to great producers: Podcast ep. 45 now released

How are billionaires and trillionaires regarded in our culture, and what does it say about us?

Last week, Matthew referred to a children’s science textbook outlining three symbiotic relationships in nature: mutualism, parasitism, and commensalism, and argued that only win-wins (mutualism) are good while win-lose/lose-wins (parasitism) are immoral.

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