De-clutter your life! Podcast ep. 24 now released

Is clutter keeping you from living your optimal life?

Kim Sneath is an expert clutter coach who can help you get back space (inner transformation), get back time (outer transformation), and get back to balance (life transformation).

In this fun and informative interview, Kim teaches Matthew and listeners about the Chaos cycle and how to break it toward achieving Space for Grace. Kim is the real deal who gets results.

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Be an everyday hero: Podcast ep. 23 now released

Being your own hero means being a role model to yourself and others. It means becoming someone you can look up to, admire, respect. This is self-esteem, and it’s the foundation for happiness.

But it doesn’t require that you achieve superhuman feats or massive achievements in one swoop. Join Matthew as he discusses the daily choices and behaviors that everyone may practice, and how being a hero is attainable for everyone. And necessary for everyone.

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Are you fully alive? Podcast Episode 22 now released

Are you “just living” or are you fully alive? The latter doesn’t have to mean you’re jumping out of airplanes and swimming with sharks. In this interview, best-selling author and sought-after speaker, Danny Bader, offers a tried and tested system for developing a vision of your best self and creating that reality–today and every day.

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Guest Jason Crawford: Appreciating the roots and fruits of progress: Podcast ep. 20 released

“Never has there been a better time to be alive in human history.” So claims the opening line of this podcast.

Guest Jason Crawford delivers an overwhelming case to back it up–which is his business. As a writer on the history of technology and industry, his expertise and encyclopedic ability to highlight example after example of real-world progress in the past centuries, decades, and years will stun you. As a thinker and writer on the philosophy of human progress, he helps reinforce Matthew’s desperate calls to look, see, and appreciate how good we’ve all got it.

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Podcast ep. 18 released

Who decides what is safe? For whom? Can others force their tastes on you? What is a right? What constitutes a violation of rights? Should the government protect you from your own choices?

Matthew argues that innovative, fun, delicious, and culture-enhancing products and services that we might enjoy never come into existence because of party poopers. Who are they, and why do they want to poop the party?

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Podcast ep. 17 released

Either-or thinking is keeping us from making good choices, both in socio-political issues and in our personal lives. In the former, false alternatives are often erected to establish partisan lines which substitutes rationalization for rational thought, keeping us further from solutions. In the latter, a similar method of rationalization (advocating for choices based on emotional considerations) keeps us from making optimal choices by never defining a rational goal.

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Podcast Ep. 15 released

Dane Maxwell is well-known as a business mentor whose distinctive ideas on entrepreneurship and sales have brought him and those we works with spectacular success. He has already created well over a dozen millionaires–from scratch. But he is also interested in how he can help people live more fulfilling and extraordinary lives as a whole, as evidenced by his latest project, Making Friends With the Mind.

Dane shares with Matthew some mind-opening ideas on personal development, embracing identities, motivations from love for financial independence, fatherhood, and so much more.

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Podcast Ep. 14 released

What’s it like to live in Korea? What are Koreans like? Join Matthew and guest Jason Cresswell to go in-depth as to what living in Korea actually looks like.

The boys take listener questions to cover topics such as: food, education, Korean character and goals, gender roles, beauty standards, cost of living, language, “hurry, hurry” culture, and much more as to why they’ve made Korea their home for the past 20 years.

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Podcast Ep. 13 released

Matthew shares how by setting strict limits on our behavior, we can become effectively unaware of the restrictions and deprivation and instead experience only freedom in how we eat and live. This is as true in diet as it is with other daily stresses that can overwhelm us if left undesignated or unlimited. Matthew feels free to eat “whatever he wants,” and he’s not joking.

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