Allowing kids to feel bad is good for them: Podcast ep. 39 now released

We don’t want to see our kids hurting. We certainly don’t want to be the cause of their pain or the object of their hatred. This is the fear that keeps parents and teachers from showing their disappointment, anger, or indignation to kids, instead attempting to explain things to them in a gentler way with no expression of how their actions have made us feel.

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Reliving the 1997 classic Australian comedy, ‘The Castle’: Podcast episode 21 released

Can money buy power? Can corporations oppress the little guy in a free market? The answers are unclear if we don’t separate the forces at play in a mixed economy.

The 1997 classic Australian comedy, ‘The Castle’ offers a unique opportunity for defenders of freedom, capitalism, and individual rights to expose what really makes villains such as the big, bad Barlow Group possible. (Hint: It isn’t money.)

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Podcast Ep. 14 released

What’s it like to live in Korea? What are Koreans like? Join Matthew and guest Jason Cresswell to go in-depth as to what living in Korea actually looks like.

The boys take listener questions to cover topics such as: food, education, Korean character and goals, gender roles, beauty standards, cost of living, language, “hurry, hurry” culture, and much more as to why they’ve made Korea their home for the past 20 years.

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